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My name is Stephanie Lauren and I’m so delighted to welcome you here, to my little corner of the Internet. Creativity was sparked in me from any early age, watching Art Attack (remember him?) and trying to copy the things he did. I feel most alive when I’m engaging my creative muscles and take delight in noticing and appreciating little details. I’m currently obsessed with flowers; so much that I am growing my first ever, cut-flower garden — to benefit both my photography and my love of arranging and sending bouquets to friends.

In 2010, I attended photography school in Hawaii and have since accumulated over nine years of professional photography experience. Over the course of those nine years, I have learnt how to shoot a variety of styles to compliment my unique clients and their visions.

Within the past year, I’ve discovered a passion for product photography. Branding is a valuable asset to help a company stand out and express their style and it has been so fun to partner with companies, catch their vision and support their unique branding through photography. I pair my creativity and attention to detail with up-to-date equipment, to showcase your products to the dream clients you aspire to reach.

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